• Jakir Hossain


Weapon is seemingly mightier than wisdom. The study contains perspectives of geo-political, economic, psycho-factors, socio-cultural and regimental mechanisms within regional boundary and outside borders. The major focus on the study are global political , economical and regimental domination and demeaning the humanity. The  macro and micro issues of all those concerns have been analyzed, examined and synthesized well to conclude the latent inter-related endowments of findings which include knowledge of material uses and productions for earthly entity which  do not exceed the ranges of powers of weapon manipulated by  humans because those intelligences and knowledge are man-made and are artificial ones. Weapon is the source of might for all gains which are madly pursued by the most world rulers who are oblivious of the future consequences do not consider rationally but barbarously enjoy devastating the civilizations in many  parts of the globe. Original senses and sources of wisdom lie beyond materialistic channels of conquer by the humans and such superior layers of wisdom are invincibly extant and pervasive throughout the multi-universes which are sparsely grasped by a few enlightened sages on earth.  It is obvious that knowledge as wisdom thought by many pedants is distorted, misinterpreted and then inspired to use it for self glory. The first world countries which are few in numbers are judged on the basis of their international interventions in many issues which are sensitive in terms of emotional and human supports and other lame excuses.  


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